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Waiver Funded Employment Training

We are pleased to announce a new Employee Training Program, which has been added to our Community Support Services department. The focus of this program is to support vocational growth and development of interested participants. Each person will have support in preparing for paid employment, job placement and retention services.

The program consists of 3 stages:

  Employment Preparation

The Pre-vocational component of the program helps individuals determine their skills, passions, strengths and areas of interest. Assessments are completed to help define skill sets and ability levels. Participants will complete classes such as: Job Planning, Interview Skills, Filling out Job Applications, Professional Communication, Benefits Planning, Work Place Safety and more. Participants will explore their employment dreams through volunteer opportunities within The Arc commercial services, as well as in the community.


When ready, participants, with staff support, will apply for work in the community. Practical job sites will be identified prior to participantís submission of applications. Communication between Arcís Employment Specialist Coordinator and job sites will occur consistently to ensure participants is capable of job duties. Participants will receive the necessary level of support to help them be successful in their work. Support can occur while on the job site and will decrease as the participant becomes confident with job duties and skill sets. Participants will have full support through the entire process.


Once a participant has secured meaningful employment, the Employee Training Program will provide support as needed. This may include monthly meetings with employer, onsite support for new job duties, and/or additional training.

Current participants of The Arc ADH program interested in the Employee Training Program should contact their Case Manager at Deptartment of Health.

Potential Participants, who are not currently receiving supports through The Arc can be referred to the Pre-employment training program at 808-935-8535 ext. 213.

The Employment Training Program is a waiver funded program.

For more information on The Arc of Hilo's Community Support Services, please contact
CSS Program Manager, at 808-935-8535, ext 213

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