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Personal Assistance/Habilitation

Do you wish you had someone who could help you or someone you know with daily needs or offer personalized training or assistance to learn to be more independent?

The Personal Assistance/Habilitation (PAB) Program provides one-on-one assistance in the home and community for eligible residents on the Big Island of Hawaii! The goal of this program is to provide the individual with assistance in gaining access to community resources such as recreational, social, spiritual and educational opportunities. This program truly supports the individual in achieving self-determination.

The Arc of Hilo offers:

dove Personalized assistance and training in East Hawaii for eligible people of all ages with developmental or      intellectual disabilities.
dove  Flexible days and hours of service as determined by the participant-centered service plan.
dlove Transportation and certain fees for activities are included.

PAB can be used to accomplish:

dove  Independence with eating, bathing, dressing, personal hygiene, budgeting, meal preparation and       housekeeping chores.
dove   Being self-sufficient (taking care of one’s self and one’s needs to live in own home).
dove   Accessing community resources and building natural supports.
dove  Exploring opportunities to identify and expand personal interests.
dove  Building skills in self-advocacy.
dove  Exploring income producing opportunities and employment.
dove  Building and maintaining a network of friends and supports.
dove  Monitoring health, behavior, and environmental factors.

For more information on The Arc of Hilo's Community Support Services, please contact
CSS Program Manager, at 808-935-8535, ext 213

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