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Medicaid Waiver Services

Home and Community Based Medicaid Waiver Services began in July 1997 at The Arc of Hilo with the introduction of The Adult Day Health Program. Medicaid Waiver Services are designed to support individuals with mental retardation and developmental disabilities in their homes and in the community. These services are funded through the State of Hawaii under the Federal Medicaid Waiver Program. We work closely with the State Department of Health and within the community to expand these services and to offer as many choices as possible.

We currently serve approximately 35 people through the Medicaid Waiver program. We are working closely with the Department of Health and the community to expand our Services and to offer more choices. If you are not eligible for state or federal funded programs, services at The Arc of Hilo are on a fee for service basis.

Who is eligible for Medicaid Waiver Services (Community Support Services)?

A person who:

  • Is certified by the Hawai`i State Department of Human Services (DHS) as needing ICF/MR level of care;
  • Is determined by DHS to be medically or categorically needy by Medicaid assistance; and
  • Voluntarily chooses to be in the DD/MR Medicaid Waiver Programs.

For more information on The Arc of Hilo's Community Support Services, please contact
CSS Program Manager, at 808-935-8535, ext 213

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